We are a Georgia based online southern boutique specializing in women's fashion. Here you'll find classic southern charm with a twist of sassy flair in Regular and Plus sizes.

Who is Frances Blue? She is a strong southern women with style and class encumbered with a twist of sassy flair. She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend and she loves her Jesus! Frances Blue works hard to provide financially, spiritually, compassionately and lovingly to her family and community. She can prepare a mean potato salad, tend to her roses and kiss those babies’ boo-boos all while blessing your heart! She’s the epitome of a Steel Magnolia and what I aspire to be.
My name is Holly Rentz and I own Frances Blue Boutique. An online women’s clothing boutique named after my Grandmother, Frances (Mom), and her favorite color, Blue. Mom, loved to feel the fabric of quality clothing. She would always say me, "let me feel it" and hold her hand out to touch what ever I was wearing for the day. That was actually the last thing she was able to do before she left this earth, hold her hand out and feel my wedding dress. With the name like Frances Blue Boutique and the meaning it holds dear to me, you can rest assured that I am bringing you quality pieces and some even made here right in the great USA! I offer a small collection of good pieces I think that you'll love.
I’m excited about this new chapter in my life and I'd like to offer a little insight into what lead me in this direction. My husband and I made the decision for me to stay home with our son...Let me here it for the stay at home Moms out there!!! Little did we know we would have a child with major medical bills at the same time we purchased my Grandparents "fixer upper". We need a cushion for the unexpected that keeps hitting us in the face day after day, but for me to still be at home with our son. So that coupled with my desire to own a store and here I am, the owner of Frances Blue Boutique. I’d like to thank you in advance for the support you give me by shopping with us, if and when you need something and simply telling your friends and family. I do look forward to being able to have a physical store in the future until then, see you on the interwebs!