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71 products

Boutique Style Outerwear for Women

There are so many options in outerwear for women today. Outerwear sounds like a department that you'd only shop in for the winter season, but outerwear for women is an essential closet staple all year long. Not only does it provide warmth during the winter months, but they protect you from the elements during spring, summer and fall. Not to mention, sometimes they just provide more trendy fashionable style than function to really set your look a part from the rest. Shop Frances Blue Boutique to find casual jackets for running errands, a beautiful women's blazer for when you need a more structured look, vests to keep that core temp up, and kimonos, ponchos, wraps and ruanas provide a light layer and interest to an outfit. Lastly, there is the ever so versatile cardigan, providing timeless fashion, trendy style and warmth.  

Jackets and Blazers for Women

Let's be honest, Frances Blue Boutique is located in the deep south where winters are mild, mostly. I mean it can get really very cold here, but we tend to stay indoors during those rare occurrences. I can't pretend to know how to dress you for freezing temps, but I can offer a jacket and blazer for women on those cooler, cold days. I have many different styles and colors of jackets for all types of outfits, myself. If you are starting over from scratch and doing a wardrobe overhaul, I recommend getting at least one jacket and one blazer. A casual jacket in a nice neutral can be worn while running errands around town and a structured blazer can be worn with dressier outfits and to the office. 

Vests for Women

Vests for women, to me, are a necessity. Quite simply, vests for women are just easier, they keep me warm without the extra bulk around my arms when I'm driving, it's so fast to throw a vest on top of a basic long sleeve tee with a pair of jeans for running my son to the doctor's office, handling an active toddler in a confined space for a long time is no small feat, your outfit might as well be easy! There are so many styles of vests for women, you can dress them up or dress them down. A puffer vest with a luxurious faux fur lining is the perfect example of this. What about a cute corduroy vest? It would be jam up with your favorite distressed denim jeans. There are even long knit vest that will remind you of your best comfy cozy sweater. The prints. lengths and styles are endless. Find your perfect vest for women to reflect your personal style today.

Kimonos, Ponchos, Wraps and Ruanas for Women

Kimonos, Ponchos, Wraps and Ruanas for women -oh,my! I just love the lighter weight options that we have to add interest and function to any outfit all year long. A long flowy, floral kimono is the perfect addition to all of your boho style springtime favs, a plaid poncho is must-have for the holiday season, wraps are a great to take a long to a night-time fall football game. Have you heard about Ruanas? Ruanas for women are poncho-style wraps...so basically, the poncho and wrap had a baby and named it Ruana. You've probably seen them and didn't know what they were called. They are a blanket wrap with a slit where your head goes and the slit continues down the front. They are trendy and pretty awesome! We've got you covered with just the fashion statement that you want to make.

Cardigans for Women

Last, but not least, cardigans for women are are timeless addition to any wardrobe. Classic cardigans can be dressed down with a tee and a pair of shorts or wear it like a blazer with a pencil skirt and a cute blouse for your next work meeting. You can even wear them over a camisole strap-like dress and you'll have a new Sunday Dress. You'll find cardigans for women in cropped styles, long dusters, short and mid lengths...we have them all!

What ever your taste, style or functional need is, you're sure to find it here at Frances Blue Boutique. Shop for boutique style outerwear for women today.